Our Mission

Hi Lovelies ! 💕

I've had this dream of creating my own beauty inspired clothing brand for over three years now while in college. For one reason or another it just kept getting pushed back and every time I thought it was so close to being a reality, another obstacle would be in the way. So after a year of endless hurdles it's finally happening! I truly hope ya'll enjoy some of my designs and love what's next!

I have so many ideas and products I want to bring in over the next few months. From crop tops, to biker shorts, to two pieces and a looooooot more! Maybe even some cosmetic products too but shhhhhh! Don't tell my secret just yet 👀...


Lastly, my biggest goal and mission for my brand is to have a percentage of profits go into a scholarship fund for those of you who need financial help to pay for college, beauty school etc. Being a first generation college graduate myself I know how expensive school can get. I was able to get through college with minimal debt so I want to help others do the same because I know how much I valued every single scholarship I was able to get. We have to help one another!

I haven't outlined the exact details of how this is going to take place just yet, but I will figure it out and make sure to announce it on our instagram page so that those of you who need it, can apply.

Thank you for all the support ya'll have shown me and I can't wait to see where this goes! <3